PerMè 360 Test

The richest and most complete of the GEK Lab tests: sugar-related inflammation, food-related inflammation, genetic predispositions and bioage.

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What you get with GEKLAB

Uncover life-impacting health data and get a complete picture of your health.
Once your test results have been processed, you’ll receive access to a secure patient portal
with easy-to-understand analysis + actionable reports that provide you with:

Certified Labs

Our laboratories are based in Italy and they are certified.

Physician Reviewed

Results are physician reviewed once the sample has been processed.

Confortable and Handy

Take the test within the confort of your home.

Secure Data

We use industry-grade encryption to ensure your data is always protected.
  • Quick, practical and painless;
  • Easily done at home;
  • Privacy and GDPR friendly;
  • The kit provides all the needed materials to collect a capillary blood sample from a puncture or your fingertip;
  • Easy shipment to the laboratory for its analysis;
  • Results delivered in 8 (average delivery time) – 20 days.
  • Analyze your DNA for a variation in the TNSF13B gene related to the production of an inflammatory cytokine;
  • Measure food-related inflammation levels with and innovative and strictly scientific approach;
  • Discover if your food-related inflammation levels can be correlated with a genetic susceptibility;
  • Learn how you can reduce food-related inflammation;
  • Detect the food or food groups that you’ve been eating repetitively and excessively lately that might be responsible for the onset and maintenance of an inflammatory state;
  • Do not eliminate food, rotate its consumption;
  • Easy to follow recommendations with no sacrifices based on a personalized approach;
  • Regaining the natural and physiological relationship with food through a varied and healthy diet;
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerants and celiacs.
  • Detailed and complete medical report of around 30 pages signed by an specialized M.D. and enriched with your genetic component;
  • Explanation of your genetic predisposition;
  • Individual food profile based on IgG which are seen as indicators of excessive or ripetitive intake;
  • The report can be consulted in a straightforward way thanks to your personal MyBMT platform;
  • Get free nutritional and scientific support during the process;
  • Detailed information regarding the Major Food Groups;
  • Complete list of foods to integrate into the rotation diet;
  • Tailored step-by-step guide to diminish body’s inflammation and regain a natural and positive relationship with food considering your gene variation.
  • Developed by a multi-year experienced laboratory with more than 150k tests sold;
  • Company composed by a staff with proven clinical experience, directed by Attilio F. Speciani M.D., clinical immunologist and allergy specialist with more than 30 years of practice;
  • Scientifically validated and based on the latest immunological findings;
  • Samples analyzed in the food related inflammation specialized laboratory;
  • Reproducible and validated results.


I have been suffering from guts disorders and abdominal pain from 10 years. I’ve tried to get better by contacting different gastroenterologists across the country but I had the best results with only 6 months of rotation diet following Recaller 2.0 Test.
Thank you!
Andrew O.
After two months of severe back pain I didn’t know what to do: I’ve tried PerMè Test following a friend’s advice.
A week later I’ve halved the intaking of painkillers, and after a month: no more painkillers! THANKS!
Matt S.
As soon as I received the Glyco Test results I decided to go with the rotation diet thoroughly and I had immediate benefits: no more belly bloating or difficulties in digestion. […]The test changed the way I relate to food. And I feel fine!
Rosa L.
Initially I was curious but uncertain if the test could really help me. Eventually I decided to try it and right after stepping into the rotation diet I had effective and relevant benefits concerning my bloating and belly aches.
Mary F.